If not you…Who?

September 25, 2008

You are standing in the bleachers of a baseball game. Suddenly, there seems to be a ruckus forming amongst the fans. You glance over and see there is a person lying on his back; he looks unresponsive. Even though there are several bystanders, no one seems to be taking action to help. Everyone continues to simply stare at one another. The person needs help from someone. That someone could be you!If placed in this type of situation, would you step up to help? Are you prepared to react? Most people hope they are never faced with something like this. However, given the number of injuries and sudden illnesses that occur in our country every year, you might have to deal with an emergency someday.

Please consider the following: Over 40 million injury-related visits were made to U.S. Hospital Emergency Rooms in 2003. More than 70 million people in our country have cardiovascular disease.

If those numbers do not speak loudly enough, I will put this in simple terms. You need to be prepared to handle an emergency. Our community needs people who are willing to step up and help others. Think of your neighbors, friends, family, and all of your loved ones.

You may be wondering how to go about getting the training you need. The American Red Cross – Rock River Chapter can help you get the quality training you need to be prepared for situations like this. Below is a link for our upcoming classes. You can call the chapter at 815-963-8471 to register and attain more information. You can also register online at www.rockriver.redcross.org.

The ball is coming your way so please put up your glove and make the right move!