First Aid in Action – Marketing/Development Specialist Jason Broaddus of the Red Cross – Rock River Chapter with Audio

September 26, 2008
The day I started working at the Red Cross was the day I purchased a first aid kit for my car. Thinking to myself, I will probably never have to use this kit, but it doesn’t hurt to always be prepared and ready. So, one night as I was driving home and stopped in Rochelle, Illinois for some gas and while waiting in line to pay a lady walked in looking distressed and holding her thumb.

So, while in line she asked the attendant if they had any bandages or splints, they didn’t really have anything for her. I responded to her saying “I have a first aid kit in my car and I work for the Red Cross.” “I can help if you need it.” At that moment it was inspiring to see her face change from panic to a much more calm state after I told her I could help and I was with the Red Cross.

We walked out to my car and I got my first aid kit out. I bandaged up her thumb and then wrapped it up to make sure there was some pressure on her thumb to help brace her thumb and help with any bleeding. She thanked me and was happy she can go home and put her 3 year old son to bed who was waiting in the car.

Listen to the audio from that night I recorded on my way home via Utterli in the player below.

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