Rock River Chapter Encourages Supporters to Send Support to Our Troops Overseas

On Tuesday, November 11 the American Red Cross will be on hand at the Veteran’s Day Open House at Veterans Memorial Hall, 211 N Main St Rockford, IL 61101. In addition to a program guided by the local chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution, group tours and Veterans History Project interviews the Red Cross will record VidiTalk web videos to forward to servicemen around the globe. From 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. family members can record a two minute streaming video which will then be emailed to their loved ones in the service overseas.

The Red Cross is a lifeline to members of the U.S. Armed Forces, sending communications all over the world on behalf of family members who are facing emergencies or other important events. “This project gives people the opportunity to send their support to our soldiers who, while valiantly serving our country, may need this boost from back home,” says Dr. Robert Willis, Executive Director of the Rock River Chapter of the American Red Cross.

VIDITalk is a powerful, cost effective, easily implemented solution to improve communications. It enables users to easily create and send high-quality personal video messages (VIDIs) from their computer to recipients on high-speed or dial-up connections. VIDI messages can also be streamed to cell phones and other wireless devices. The user creates a video message on their computer where it is automatically compressed, encoded, and sent to the hosting server. The VIDITalk server returns a hyperlink to the creator for placement into email, instant messages or any electronic document. Recipients click on the link and view the streamed video message in a customized playback screen using Microsoft Windows Media Player.

Memorial Hall is a living memorial to Veterans from all wars. It will serve as a constant reminder to the sacrifices given by brave men and women from Winnebago County, and a way for generations to remember and learn about their lives.

For more information on American Red Cross service to the U.S. Armed Forces please visit or call: (815) 963-8471.


One Response to Rock River Chapter Encourages Supporters to Send Support to Our Troops Overseas

  1. Wendy says:

    The Red Cross really does do a stellar job helping our troops and countless others. I wish everyone could donate, but for those who can’t, there’s a way to help out on I downloaded their toolbar and registered it to the American Red Cross so that my searching and shopping benefits the Red Cross. It’s a small step in helping, but every little bit adds up 🙂

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