Who does all the work here?

Did you know that volunteers constitute 96 percent of the total work force of the American Red Cross?  Without these giving individuals, we would not be able to carry out our humanitarian mission!  We rely on volunteers here at the Rock River Chapter. 

As a staff person, I can tell you what a valuable experience working alongside volunteers really is.  And…every once in a while, someone walks in our lives (or in this case…our office), and not only helps us with loads of work, but provides value far beyond that.  Rebecca Donovan (pictured above) is that type of person.  Rebecca was recently selected by the United Way of the Rock River Valley as the recipient of their Points of Light Volunteer Award!!!

Rebecca Donovan comes in to our office every week and volunteers her time by doing course record processing.  She does everything from entering information on our Health & Safety classes into the computer system to being a detective and finding out the spelling of individual’s names on those records (which can be more challenging than anyone knows!) to printing certification cards for thousands of people in our community!  But that isn’t all she provides to the office.   She comes in and everyone benefits from her smile, her laid-back attitude and listening ear, as well as her keen sense of humor….always makes us laugh!

So…in closing, THANK YOU to all of our fabulous volunteers that are making a difference everyday.  A very SPECIAL thank you to Rebecca Donovan.  Thank you for your time and everything you bring to us!  We appreciate you every day!


2 Responses to Who does all the work here?

  1. Susan R. says:

    96%? Wow, that is so amazing! I try to do as much as I can for my local chapter of the Red Cross by donateing blood, etc. but I also have found a cool way to help out the Red Cross on a daily basis. I have a Give2Network toolbar on my computer and by using the toolbar I earn money for the Red Cross! How awesome is that?! Just an idea of a simple way we can all give back to something and someone we care about.

  2. Rebecca D. says:

    I had no idea the percentage of volunteers!! Between offices, shelters, and clean up/recovery programs, it makes sense. Thanks to all those volunteers for their time and talents. I am honored to be award with this thanks, and I am also blessed by God to be able to work along side these wonderful people. Volunteering is a great reward. I urge anyone with any time to visit your local Red Cross to see where you can be of help. I have run into people who volunteer at out local shelter and love it. Even bringing dinner on nights without local contributions to receive a hand for the dinner. She wishes she got this kind of hand at home!!!! What a lovely lady she is! You will meet many new people and enhance your life. God gave me my life back five years ago and I wasn’t sure what i could do to be of help, but look what you can offer to the world. Bless the kind and patient staff i work with. Thank you again for the wonderful comments. God bless you all and all the wonderful volunteers of this world. You all deserve the same thanks.

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