American Red Cross Position on Compression Only CPR

I’ve recently been fielding many calls in reference to Compression Only (also knows as hands only) CPR.  In an effort to clarify our position, here’s a link to our stance on Compression Only CPR

Additionally, if you would like to learn Compression Only CPR (aka Hands-Only CPR) click here.


2 Responses to American Red Cross Position on Compression Only CPR

  1. T. Arnold Ferguson says:

    I’ve been a bit bemused by this topic ever since it arose, having started as a Red Cross First Aid Instructor BEFORE mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was taught. In those days we taught a procedure (among others) called the “chest pressure/arm lift” method. However I hasten to point out that the old procedure was done at a rate of once every 5 seconds (not 100 per minute), and was abandoned because it was not nearly as effective as mouth-to-mouth. So obviously some air is getting into the lungs with chest compressions, but is it enough? We’ll have to wait for more data, but in the interim, I agree that compression only CPR is better than doing nothing.

  2. Rahil Pirani says:

    @ T.Arnold Ferguson: I completely agree with you and the studies as of yet. As the science advances, changes are bound to be made, but it is important that we follow current guidelines until the studies are completed and we are instructed to perform CPR differently.

    I’m not sure what the “chest pressure/arm lift” method was, but I’d sure love to see it in action! It’s a good way to see how science has progressed!

    As a side note: I just bought a set of medical encyclopedias from1943, I may have to look up CPR in that, and see how it was done! You have to love History!

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