Lee County Branch of the American Red Cross Takes Part in Disaster Drill

The Dixon branch, an office of the Rock River Chapter, of the American Red Cross took part in a citywide disaster drill on Friday, July 11. In conjunction with Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital, area agencies collaborated on a disaster scenario involving a tank trailer accident with a hazardous material spill.

Area fire stations, KSB Hospital, the American Red Cross, local police stations and Dixon area volunteers conducted the drill thanks to a statewide grant by Gov. Rod Blagojevich for emergency medical providers and healthcare organizations to better prepare the state for dealing with a terrorist attack involving weapons of mass destruction.

“We are building capacity everyday to assure that the state and its partners are ready to respond to any terrorist event,” Blagojevich said. “The state has made significant progress and is considered a model of preparedness for the nation, but efforts to protect our citizens are never ending. The investments in preparedness we are making today will help us improve our ability to respond to a terrorist attack, whether it be a biological agent or a radioactive ‘dirty bomb.’”

For more information on American Red Cross disaster response services, or to become a disaster services volunteer, please call: (815) 963-8471 or visit rockriver.redcross.org.


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