Rock River Chapter Wants to Know: Do you Know a Hero?

American Red Cross Heroes
Red music festival will recognize everyday people doing extraordinary things.

For more than 90 years, the Rock River Chapter of the American Red Cross has been a hero for thousands of people in our community; lending aid during times of disaster, seeing to the welfare of military families and providing citizens with lifesaving CPR and First Aid skills. Now, the Rock River Chapter is seeking nominations by community members for someone who has saved a life.

Whether they are a police officer, firefighter, medical professional or an “everyday Joe”, the Rock River Chapter wants to recognize these heroes for demonstrating the mission of the American Red Cross. Through the actions of your neighbors numerous lives are saved every year thanks to their fast response, and by being equipped with the life-saving skills taught by the Red Cross. The nomination form can be found at: All forms must be returned to the Rock River Chapter by Wednesday, June 18 to be considered by the Rock’n for the Red event committee.

For more information on Rock’n for the Red or how to become trained in First Aid/CPR feel free to contact the Chapter at: (815) 963-8471.


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