Red Cross Provides Disaster Relief – Rochelle, Illinois Apartment Fire

Photos courtesy Keith Peters, Rochelle Tourism Center

From: Vicki Snyder-Chura

The Ogle Hotel, one of Rochelle’s oldest buildings, was destroyed by fire Monday night, March 10, 2008. It sat on the northeast corner of Second Avenue and Main Street. It was a many times remodeled building that was originally, in the 1860’s and 1870’s a mill, then later, a creamery. Most recently, the Ogle Hotel was home to 20 apartments, according to Rochelle Historian Franklin Kruger.

Early reports indicate the fire began in the basement, but because of the age of the structure, quickly climbed to the attic. All of the hotel’s residents at home at the time of the fire escaped without injury.

The Ogle Hotel was the home to families that included a number of children. Three RTHS families are affected by this fire.

The America Red Cross arrived while the hotel was still in flames and assisted 11 families with immediate aide, housing them, filling prescriptions and providing $11,000 in funds for their care.

Red Cross Marketing Director Jason Broaddus said his case management team is on its way to Rochelle this morning to get a comprehensive list of all residents to assist.

Fire Chief Tom McDermott and Broaddus concurred this is the largest fire either organization has dealt with in some time. Broaddus said the Red Cross answers 8-10 fire assistance calls per month, but most are single-family residential fires.

If you’d like to donate to help fund disaster assistance like this please click this link – all proceeds go to Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

The aftermath can be seen below – photos courtesy of Jason Broaddus


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